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I am an artist working in Glasgow. I make images in media that allow my pictures to exist in multiple. Original prints such as etchings and, more recently, relief prints. I enjoy using old and new technologies and combining the two. The most recent works combining lasercut woodblocks for the oldest form of multiple image, relief printing. I have built a collaborative practice with a small number of musicians to make graphic scores and animating these to music has also become a real creative urge. My most ambitious work in this medium is Urgent Nature, an animated film with soundtrack by David Rothenberg.

I have a WASPS studio in Glasgow’s east end, and I work at Glasgow Print Studio, Trongate 103. In 2004 I was elected to the Royal Scottish Academy and I teach at Edinburgh College of Art.

Studio, March 2020

One Comment
  1. J Booth permalink

    Hi Jo! So happy to see you and Raymond collaborating. Fantastic🤗I hope all is well for you in Glasgow. Was deveststing news to hear about the fire…so my thoughts have been on Glasgow and my long time ago friends. Still teching at Sheridan College and living in Toronto.
    XXXOOO Jill

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