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Drawing Sound is now open.

September 6, 2017

Drawing Sound opened at the Kleinert James Center for the Arts in Woodstock, NY, August 25th, 2017. It is the first exhibition of graphic scores I have produced with American composer and musician, Marilyn Crispell and brings this work together with work I’ve made with Raymond MacDonald as, Running Under Bridges. The two series of images worked well together, contrasting colour and tone and methodologies but always returning to the grid-like matrices and wonderful musical improvisations of the musicians.

The scores made by Running Under Bridges are created to be played by any musicians who like to improvise and respond to image and one another as they perform. They have different instructions that indicate time, instrumentation and type of musical material. They are abstract and allow the improvising musician great freedom for creativity as they play.

Gradations of Light, made with Crispell, were intricately scored by her to indicate how she herself would play them. Recorded as solo pieces and then again with David Rothenberg as duets, on clarinet and laptop electronics, they are thematic, around the times of day, changes of light and response to nature. Rothenberg is known for his improvisations with cicadas, whales and birds which made him the perfect partner to duet these pieces.

The opening performance in Woodstock featured works from Running Under Bridges, including our new Blue Fugue and Yellow Fugue, and two duets from Gradations of Light.

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  1. HYSLOP Jane permalink

    Great to see and to read about this! Well done and hope you’re feeling better,



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